A Cave Concert Experience

HANG Rhapsody: Journey into Living Art  (World Premiere)

Saturday October 17th, 2009 at 7:30pm

Hawk Hill Tunnel – Marin Headlands

Directed by Laura Inserra

Choreography by Rodrigo Esteva & Mirah Moriarty

Lighting Design by John Coveney

Performed by West Coast Hang players and DANCE MONKS

HANG Rhapsody is a site-specific performance that will be held as part of a series of annual Cave Concerts organized by the GREEN MUSIC NETWORK (GMN).  SAMAVESHA, in partnership with GMN, features the West Coast's top Hang players and Dance Monks in creating this extraordinary event of music, dance and light inside the Hawk Hill Tunnel.  In this stunning location, they will create a resonant chamber of suspended time and space where the audience is completely immersed in the sound. 

HANG Rhapsody is dedicated entirely to the Hang. The Hang is the new instrument of this Millennium, captivating musicians and listeners worldwide.  It was created in 2000 in Switzerland by Felix Rohner and Sabina Schärer of the PANArt Company and is a resonating percussion instrument related to the steeldrum, gong, gamelan and ghatam.

The  sound of the Hang evokes an exquisite and delicate inner landscape of spaciousness and vitality.  In the Bernese language ‘hang’ means ‘hand’ and the Hang is made, tuned and played by hand.  The timeless resonance of the Hang will pulse in concert with the earth for a sublime expression of sound and movement.

Performed by West Coast Hang players ensemble musicians: Laura Inserra, Alan Tower, Yogi Hendlin, Aharon Wheels Bolsta, Evan Fraser, Tina Blaine and Jessica Styler.

Dancers: Mirah Moriarty, Rodrigo Esteva, Leah Rybolt, Melecio Estrella, Olivia Eng and Christine Bonansea.

Please visit the official web site: www.HangRhapsody.comhttp://www.hangrhapsody.comhttp://www.HangRhapsody.comshapeimage_1_link_0

HANG Rhapsody - live at Hawk Hill Tunnel - Oct. 17, 2009