manifesting diverse expressions of art


Among Mandala artists:

  1. Laura Inserra - HANG, percussion (Italy)

  1. Pauchi Sasaki - violin, ocean harp (Peru’ - Japan)

  1. Claudia Cuentas - wind instruments (Peru’)

  1. Jay Gandhi - bansuri flute (India)

  2. Claudia Anfuso - storyteller (Italy)

  3. Evan Fraser - kalimbas, jaw harps, kamale n'goni, percussion (USA)

  4. TBird Luv - vocals, flute, percussion (USA)

  5. John Villa - didjeridu, frame drums and nay (USA)

  1. Aharon Wheels Bolsta - bansuri flute, tablas (USA)

  1. Shay Nichols - voice (USA)

  1. Alejandra Ortiz - voice and quadro (Colombia)

  2. Tina Blaine - percussion, HANG, santur (USA)

  3. Francesca Genco - chants, shruty (USA)

  4. Kimba Theurich - chants, didgeridoo (USA)

  5. Marguerite Rigoglioso - poems (USA)

  6. Archana Sachdev - indian dance (India)

  7. Rosh Rothhirsch - banjo, kamale n'goni

  8. Sahib-Amar - viola (USA)

  1. Amar Khalsa - clarinets, silver flute, tibetan bowls (USA)

  1. Yaquelin Laporte - performer (Cuba)

Mandala is a series of artistic events that gather great artists from all over the world.

These gatherings of artists of various genres will be directed by Laura Inserra to create a Mandala of different expressions of art like music, dance, poems, images and more...

What is the vision behind the Mandala events?

Mandala (in sanskrit maṇḍa ‘essence’ +  la ‘having’ or ‘containing’) is a concentric diagram composed of different geometric figures.

In ritual, the Mandala is a gateway for the manifestation of Universal forces.

The physical image of the Mandala has spiritual and ritual significance and is useful only to symbolize our relation to the Divine, the world that extends both beyond and within our bodies and minds. At the end the traditional ritual, the Mandala is destroyed to remind us of the impermanence of things and rebirth.

As such, in these events the artists create a Mandala made by different expressions of art like music, dance, poems, image and so forth. We come together as an ensemble just for that evening, and when the ‘ritual’ is over, that manifestation in time and space dissolves back into its origin. There is no fixed group, just a flow of connection and insight among these great artists.

We are going to make these events periodic, recurring on the first Friday of every month, so as to create a time and space structure in which the creativity of manifestation can evolve. We delineate the parameters, but only the Mandala dictates what materializes and you will be the witness.

Listening to Mandala Podcast:

  1. A taste of live Mandala events 2009

  1. Mandala - concert. October 2, 2009

  1. Mandala - concert. May 17, 2009

  1. Mandala - a musical evening December 13, 2008

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