A Samevesha Community Project

This is the plan: From Agapanthus flowers to free events in Bay Area parks.

During the summer and fall of 2010, Zach Pine collected wilted and "gone to seed" Agapanthus flowers from yards and parkways strips (between street and sidewalk) in and near Berkeley, CA (with permission of course). Thanks to all the friends, neighbors, and the City of Berkeley, Zach has over 2000 dried Agapanthus flowers.

This photo shows 300 of the Apaganthus flowers drying in Zach’s back yard.


We'll be announcing free weekend and weekday create-with-agapanthus events in Bay Area parks and other locations during the summer of 2011, featuring Zach’s collection of dried Agapanthus. The first event: June 22, 4-6pm at Thousand Oak Park (map here ).

To hear about events, join Samavesha’s mailing list or Zach Pine’s email list or facebook page if you haven't already.

More info HERE.